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The Future of DIY Automotive 2K Painting


Europe’s Leading
Do-it-yourself automotive painting solution

The Car-Rep® brand has been Europe’s leader in the development of the highest quality aerosol paint solutions for automotive DIYers and professionals since 1968. A brand of Maston Oy based in Veikkola, Finland, Car-Rep offers a full line of aerosol primers, paints, and clear coats to help you restore, restyle, and protect your vehicle with the quality and durability of 2K and with unlimited pot life. And in January 2021, the products will be available for purchase in the U.S. and Canada. Sign up below to receive updates.

The Future of 2K Painting

One Compartment Can

Always Ready to Use

Unlimited Pot life

Original 2K Quality

How it works

Car-Rep DIY Automotive Coatings combine the convenience of an aerosol with the durability of a 2K paint. Our coatings utilize our patented Wise2K® Technology which allow the hardener and 2K resin to be activated in two (2) separate reactions after application — giving you ease of use and control you need with the superior quality of a 2K coating. And because the reactions take place OUTSIDE the can, it means Car-Rep has an UNLIMITED pot life!

Full Line-Up

Car-Rep® DIY Automotive 2K Aerosol Coatings will be available in a full assortment of primers, top coats, and clears — all featuring 2K quality with unlimited pot life.

The Products

Car-Rep® 2K Epoxy Filler Primer

Car-Rep® 2k EPOXY PRIMER FILLER is designed for performance. The Epoxy mix compound ensures excellent anti-corrosion properties, high filling power, easy application, fast drying time, and good sandability. Car-Rep 2K Filler Primers are the only 2K Filler Primers with unlimited pot life — so you can use the entire can. For maximum adhesion and corrosion resistance, we recommend use with Car-Rep® 2K Epoxy Primer.

Car-Rep® 2K Epoxy Primers

Car-Rep® 2k Epoxy Primers with anti-corrosion pigments create humidity and chemical resistance. Available in grey and black, they provide an adhesion bridge layer for putties, which can be applied directly on the primer without sanding. Suitable on all kind of metals (including galvanized metal, aluminum, copper, brass) as well as carbon fiber substrates and most automotive plastics. Car-Rep 2K Epoxy Primers are the only 2K Primers with unlimited pot life — so you can use the entire can. Quick 20 minutes baking time with infrared speeds up the primer process and ensures excellent time and cost savings.

Car-Rep® 2K Epoxy Top Coats

Car-Rep® 2k Epoxy Top Coats are designed for performance. Revolutionary 2-component technology in 1-compartment can forms the hardest water and airtight layer. Easy application and high coverage (up to 27 sq. ft.), Car-Rep Top Coats are the only 2K Top Coats with no mixing and unlimited pot life — so you can use the entire can. Available in the following colos: High Gloss Jet Black, Matte Jet Black, High Gloss Pure White, High Gloss Anthracite Grey. For maximum adhesion and corrosion resistance, Car-Rep 2K Top Coats are recommended to be used together with Car-Rep 2K Epoxy Primers.

Car-Rep® 2K PU Clear Coats

Car-Rep® 2k PU Clear Coats are crystal clear, very strong, extremely durable, and form a chip and UV-resistant film. Available in High Gloss and Matte Finish, they are easy to apply and immediately form a deep and shiny surface without the risk of dripping. Car-Rep 2K Clear Coats are the only 2K Clears with unlimited pot life — so you can use the entire can. They can be applied to solvent-borne and waterborne base coats. The drying time can be boosted with shortwave infrared or baking.

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Car-Rep® DIY Automotive Aerosol 2K Coatings will be available for purchase in the United States and Canada in early January 2021. Sign up below to receive updates.


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