Car-Rep® Revolutionary 2K Aerosol Paint

Wise 2K™ Technology

What makes Car-Rep® Spray Paint System products truly unique is the revolutionary Wise 2K™ Technology. Unlike other 2K aerosol products on the market, Car-Rep’s Wise 2K technology features both the hardener and the paint in a patented one-compartment can that allows the hardener to only activate once sprayed — not inside the can. This not only makes Car-Rep incredibly easy to use, but it also means our products have unlimited pot life — so you can use entire contents of each can with no wasted product. 

And, most importantly, our easy-to-use products will help you achieve the superior, corrosion, chemical, and UV resistant finish you can only get from 2K.

The Car-Rep® Automotive Paint System

Car-Rep® DIY Automotive 2K Aerosol Paints are available in a full assortment of primers, top coats, and clears — all featuring Wise 2K  technology for unlimited pot life.