Car-Rep® 2K Aerosol Epoxy Color Top Coats

Automotive Aerosol Spray Paint

Car-Rep® 2K Color Top Coats

Car-Rep® 2K Epoxy Color Top Coats with Wise 2K® Technology are designed for performance — forming the hardest, chemically resistant and durable finish that’s perfect for any automotive project — particularly direct to metal applications. Requiring no primers or clear coats, Car-Rep 2K Top Coats are easy to apply with high coverage (up to 27 sq. ft.) and are the only 2K Top Coats which require no mixing and feature unlimited pot life — so you can use the entire can. Available in the following colors: High Gloss Jet Black, Satin Jet Black, High Gloss Pure White.

11oz / 400ml Aerosol

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Can Be Polished
Very Hard
Petrol Resistant
Scratch Resistant
UV Resistant

Suggested Uses and Substrates

Uses: Designed to provide durable and chemical resistant top coat for rough use.

List of suitable substrates: Bare Aluminum, Bare and Galvanized Steel, OEM Finish, Old Paint**, Most Plastics

Unsuitable substrates: Styrofoam

Application Specifications

Flash time: 3 min

Dust dry: 20-30 min

Touch dry: 60 min

Sandable and Overpaintable: Overnight

Final hardness and chemical resistance: 8-10 days

The Car-Rep® 2K Automotive Spray Paint System

Car-Rep® Automotive 2K Aerosol Paints are available in a full assortment of primers, clears, and stand-alone color top coats — all featuring Wise 2K™ quality with unlimited pot life.