Car-Rep® 2K Aerosol Polyurethane High Gloss Clear Coat

Automotive Aerosol Clear Coat

Car-Rep® 2K Polyurethane Clear Coat

Car-Rep® 2K Polyurethane Clear Coat with Wise 2K® Technology is crystal clear, very strong, extremely durable, and forms a chip and UV-resistant film. Currently available in High Gloss, our clear coat is easy to apply and immediately forms a deep and shiny surface without the risk of dripping. Car-Rep 2K Clear Coat is the only 2K Clear with unlimited pot life — so you can use the entire can — and can be applied to solvent-borne and waterborne base coats.

11oz. Aerosol

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Can Be Polished
Very Hard
Petrol Resistant
Scratch Resistant
UV Resistant

Suggested Uses and Substrates

Uses: Designed to provide extremely durable coating on top of bare metal or painted surface.

List of suitable substrates: Bare Aluminum, Bare and Galvanized Steel, OEM Finish, Old Paint**, Most Plastics

Unsuitable substrates: Styrofoam

Application Specifications

Flash time: 10-15 min

Dust dry: 15 min

Touch dry: 60 min

Polishable: Overnight

Final hardness and chemical resistance: 8-10 days

The Car-Rep® 2K Automotive Spray Paint System

Car-Rep® Automotive 2K Aerosol Paints are available in a full assortment of primers, clears, and stand-alone color top coats — all featuring Wise 2K™ quality with unlimited pot life.